"Great work yesterday, Blair. We all really enjoyed the shoot. You have great skills, attention to detail, and creativity--and an amazing command of the technology. We have so many wonderful shots...and we had so much fun! Thanks for all your hard work." view»


"Blair, you came highly recommended, and you even exceeded our already great expectations. We love the elegant beauty of the formal pictures, and we are thrilled with all the fun candids. You captured all the magic of our wedding day." view»


National Geographic photographer, Cary Wolinsky: “For this shot I rented the remarkable studio of Blair Kunz in Salt Lake City.….Blair’s studio was a dream-come-true for this traveling photographer. He had heavy duty light stands that could hoist my softbox and key light high in the air and large scrims that could be placed to keep stray light from falling on the rear projection screen.” Wave of the Future by: Cary Wolinsky view»
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